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Solar Power

The sun is readily accessible to many of us, so it’s no surprise that solar is the most common form of renewable energy generation. Here in the Snowy Monaro region, we have an abundance of sunlight and open space, which are the perfect conditions for a solar installation.
Is solar power the right solution for you?

Reduced cost of electricity

Like many things, technology has improved significantly in the solar industry over the last 10 years. Equipment prices have reduced significantly, and efficiency has risen substantially as well. This translates to a more cost effective system for the end user, which has the ability to pay itself off over a shorter period of time.

Reduced environmental impact

With unprecedented levels of carbon emissions, more people are taking matters into their own hands by going “green” with their power. This sustainable approach has countless benefits, including improved air quality, the gradual neutralisation of climate change, preservation of natural landscapes and ecosystems, and the safeguarding of our endangered species, to name only a few. This effect flows on at a global scale, and is essential if we want to enjoy the same quality of life for generations to come.

Site Requirements

The requirements for installing a solar array at your property are fairly simple. The most important feature needed is access to a roof area or a section of yard, which is open to sunlight for most of the day. Any shade will reduce the effectiveness of the system, however a small amount of shade is sometimes unavoidable.

The next thing to consider in relation to system performance is the orientation of the panels. For greater efficiency the panels should be pointed true North. This maximises their exposure to the sun, resulting in a higher energy output. If your roof doesn’t point true North, it’s best to utilise the closest facing area, or to spread panels over East and West facing areas to capture the rising and setting sun.
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Monaro Energy is the premium provider for renewable energy and automation services in the NSW Snowy Monaro area.

Catering to both private and business customers, we have the experience and expertise to help with any complex electrical project, whether it be large or small.

Renewable energy generation, smart home builds, and automated control systems are just some of the sustainable solutions we tailor for our local region.

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