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Smart Buildings

Smart buildings use automation to improve energy efficiency, and often enhance the experience for anyone using the building. In a home environment, a “smart home” will typically provide centralised control for lighting, power, access, and security. Users can often control their home from a smart phone, tablet device, or PC interface.
Is a smart building the right solution for you?

Smart Building Benefits

Smart buildings have benefits that are two fold - An improved user experience and level of comfort, as well as increased energy efficiency.

User Experience

Smart buildings use a variety of sensors, switches, and other control devices to provide an unmatched level of comfort and control to users. Things such as lighting, air conditioning, door locks, and security can be controlled and monitored through a smart building system. Windows and blinds can be controlled, and AV components such as modern TV’s and stereos can be integrated into the system.

Imagine you are at work, and it is a warm afternoon. You decide to cool the house down before you get home, so with your smart phone, you log into your control system and open the windows of your house - From your work desk that is in another suburb! What if it starts raining at home and you don’t realise, just after you’ve opened all the windows? Your smart building has you covered - The rain sensor positioned on your roof will detect the rainfall, and will automatically close all the windows for you, and can even notify you that it has done so.

The automation possibilities of a smart building are almost limitless. The chances are, if you can imagine it, it can happen. Drive up to your house, have the garage open when you are within a certain distance, and if it is night time, have your lights turn on in the main rooms of the house.

Energy Efficiency

The automation and advanced control of a smart building enables unprecedented opportunities for energy saving, whilst maintaining and even improving on the creature comforts we all know and love. Turn off every light in the house with the push of a button on your smart phone. Check if you accidentally left the air conditioner on when you left the house, and even turn it off from a remote location.

Advanced timer functions can limit your lights to 20% brightness in the middle of the night while you check up on the kids. Motorised window controllers can open or close your windows at the touch of a button, potentially saving the use of the air conditioner.

Live energy monitoring can provide instantaneous values for your energy usage, giving you real time feedback on your consumption.
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Monaro Energy is the premium provider for renewable energy and automation services in the NSW Snowy Monaro area.

Catering to both private and business customers, we have the experience and expertise to help with any complex electrical project, whether it be large or small.

Renewable energy generation, smart home builds, and automated control systems are just some of the sustainable solutions we tailor for our local region.

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