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Hydro Power

If you are looking for a renewable energy solution and are fortunate enough to have access to flowing water, a hydro-power system can make for a valuable asset. Unlike solar power which has a reduced output on cloudy days, and ceases production overnight, hydro power continues to generate electricity around the clock as long as water is flowing.
Is hydro power the right solution for you?


Access to reliable flowing water can result in very reliable electricity generation, however there are many things to consider in the design and construction of a hydro system. The water flow rate and head level are crucial, and are often the make or break factors for system viability.

Monaro Energy can provide an initial indication of hydro suitability over the phone, with the assistance of some basic site photos. If it sounds like the site will meet requirements, we will conduct a detailed on site investigation to determine the viability of the installation.

Site Requirements

The site requirements of hydro power can be somewhat complex, but fast flowing and reliable levels of water are always a necessity. Larger, wider bodies of water are usually unsuitable due to their slow movement and low head levels. However the alpine creeks of our Snowy Monaro region are often ideal candidates, due to their rapid change of elevation and reliable water flow.

It is important to have room for the installation of the generating equipment, which will generally require vehicle and machinery access such as a small excavator.

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Monaro Energy is the premium provider for renewable energy and automation services in the NSW Snowy Monaro area.

Catering to both private and business customers, we have the experience and expertise to help with any complex electrical project, whether it be large or small.

Renewable energy generation, smart home builds, and automated control systems are just some of the sustainable solutions we tailor for our local region.

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