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Distributed Energy

Here at Monaro Energy, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are the basis of our mission as a renewable energy provider. This is a fairly new concept, which has come about with the increasing adoption of renewable technologies.
What are DER's?


DERs are essentially privately owned small scale generation units that are connected to the grid, usually located “behind the meter”. The most common forms being solar arrays and battery storage.

The Old

The traditional arrangement of power distribution saw electricity generated by an energy retailer (at a power plant), which then flowed through a centralised power grid in one direction to the customer. With the connection of numerous DERs to the grid, the historical arrangement of electricity distribution is rapidly changing. Decentralised energy, generated from community resources, now flows in multiple directions both to and from the customer.

The New

This multi-directional flow provides numerous benefits to consumers:

• Consumers who install DERs are very likely to see a reduction in their own power bills
• Increased uptake of DERs improves the reliability of the grid, increasing the overall generation capacity and redundancy of supply
• Widespread use of DERs will see a significant reduction in carbon emissions generated by the National Electricity Market (NEM)
• Adoption of DERs could be increasingly incentivised by the emergence of private energy trading platforms

P2P Energy Trading

DERs are essentially privately owned small scale generation units that are connected to the grid, usually located “behind the meter”. The most common forms being solar arrays and battery storage.

P2P (peer to peer) energy trading is exactly what the name suggests - One consumer trading with another consumer.  This new technology is still in its infancy, but is developing very rapidly.  Power Ledger, and Australian company founded in Perth, is leading the way in this ground breaking field.

Power Ledger aims to decentralise energy generation and distribution on a global scale.  Their primary focus is promoting DERs and distribution systems which empower the consumer, favouring and nurturing the use of renewable generation.

The system is based around a unit of cryptocurrency - The “POWR” token.  Although cryptocurrencies are surrounded by controversy at present, Power Ledger is one of very few that have a legitimate real world application, and are actually making traction.  They are currently running test projects in numerous countries, and have confirmed partnerships with a variety of major energy companies and property firms.

Users of the system essentially buy and sell units of power, with the ability to choose who they interact with and the conditions of doing so.  As a buyer, you may choose to purchase from a neighbour up the road, whenever they generate excess power from their solar array.  As a seller, you may elect to sell power to a specific customer such as a local neighbourhood centre or school.

Monaro Energy will offer this technology as it becomes available.  We hope that as the adoption rate of renewables increases, we can work towards becoming a community which is self-sufficient on private renewable energy.

The Power Ledger system has many layers of functionality, and is too complex to be summarised on this basic page.  If you would like to learn more, we strongly suggest you visit Power Ledger’s web page at Power Ledger All the information can be a little overwhelming if you are not technically inclined, but here at Monaro Energy we are happy to answer any questions you might have on this exciting development.

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